Stop at Nothing

Stop at Nothing

This is a tense, dark thriller about what happens if we don’t take teenage mental health seriously. When DS Ronnie Delmar is called to investigate the sexual assault on a teenage girl by a member of staff at school, she discovers that the picket fences and manicured lawns of this London suburb are built on foundations of dysfunctional relationships, addiction and neglect. When her dogged pursuit of the truth throws her own life into danger, it becomes clear someone doesn’t want Ronnie to know the truth, and her dedication to finding justice is truly tested.

Cara Hunter called Stop at Nothing ‘a switchback ride of a read’, but why not make up your own mind by getting your copy here…

‘STOP AT NOTHING takes all the nightmares we have about the threats our children face and concentrates them into a single heart-stopping plot. From sexual and online abuse to bullying and the emotional upheavals of divorce, Lucy Martin has created a pitch-perfect domestic thriller that becomes more unnerving and terrifying as it moves towards its shocking conclusion.’
Matt Rees, author of The Bethlehem Murders.

'In ‘STOP AT NOTHING’ Lucy Martin takes the role of the unreliable narrator to new levels. Amie’s story is one of a family in freefall that she will literally stop at nothing to protect, and the result is a taut, compelling psychological drama with two contradictory, but equally convincing voices. In addition, Martin tackles the emotive subject of mental health with a dextrous hand and a sympathetic heart. This novel shows us that there are no absolutes in life, especially when it comes to right versus wrong. A must-read.'
Claire Dyer, author of The significant others of Odie May.

‘STOP AT NOTHING engaged me from the off. A treasure trove of gripping twists and turns. Intrigue, conflict, questions bursting off the page. Flawless pace and characterisation, an absolute must-read.’
Amazon customer.

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