The Choice

The Choice

My second in the series is all about police priorities – As a detective you’d prioritise a missing child over a missing adult woman, right? But what if the key to finding the child is…. Exactly. Alongside the dilemmas of law-enforcement decision-making, The Choice is also a deep dive into the world of religious cults and the abuse of women and girls who endure exploitation and violence behind closed doors in a self-governing community without recourse to justice. This sort of thing still goes on today and needs to stop.

TM Logan described The Choice as ‘a vivid blend of police procedural and psychological suspense’ but why not make up your own mind by getting your copy here….

'Dark, tense and absorbing' Simon McCleave, author of The Snowdonia Killings

'Gripping, twisty and insightfully observed' Philippa East, author of Little White Lies

'Compelling and chilling' Caron McKinlay, author of The Storytellers

'Totally absorbing' Marion Todd, author of the Detective Clare Mackay series

'A gripping tale' Louise Mumford, author of The Safe House

'A rollercoaster of a ride, I devoured every page' Claire Dyer, author of The Significant Others of Odie May

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